MAN F90 specifications

10 July 2021 | Good to know

What makes MAN trucks with R6 engines stand out? Certainly, the fact that they are not very comfortable models, they smoke a lot and on the market it is increasingly difficult to find a well-groomed copy. However, if you can find one, believe us , you have found one of the best, reliable and powerful dump trucks on the market. Of particular note are also off-road versions, which are durable and have few electronics.

MAN-y second series – a large selection, high prices

Heavy trucks from the MAN F90 series can quite often be found on various portals with used cars. Well-maintained, technically efficient models have relatively high prices. The model we present is equipped with a chassis with a permissible total weight from 19 up to 48 tons, in all drive configurations – starting from 4×2 to ending with 8×8.

Chauffeur in a construction vehicle – that is what you can count on as a driver

Construction vehicles are most often equipped with the smallest daily chauffeurs, which necessarily do not have much space inside. Their advantage, however, is certainly that they are very well silenced. However, when deciding to buy a heavy goods vehicle from the secondary market, it should be borne in mind that time is also inexorable for machines. So more and more often you can find copies with which something will already begin to happen. We mean, for example, leaked air conditioning, problems with the suspension of the cab and with the sheet – the possibility of foci of corrosion. Drivers using a MAN truck with R6 engine are often not satisfied with their driving comfort.

The heart of man cars – R6 engine

One of the most popular drive units in MAN construction cars is the R6. Available on the market were with the power of:

  • 290 hp;
  • 330 hp;
  • 360 hp;
  • 370 hp;
  • 420 HP.

The most popular are those with a power of 370 hp. 420 are much less common. Although he enjoys an excellent reputation, it cannot be said that there are no weaknesses. The main problem of this drive unit are the burned gaskets under the head and leaks. As mentioned above, it has some design shortcomings, but as a result, the drivers are satisfied with it, thanks to which it gathers flattering opinions. Quite the opposite to the V10, which can not boast of such durability. Unfortunately, transmissions and clutches cannot boast of high durability, unlike drive bridges and mechanical suspension.

You are probably interested in another very important thing, which is burning. The four-axle version with R6 engine can burn between 40 and 50 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. It is also important that you find a large selection of parts on the market that fit this MAN model.

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