MAN TGL 12.220 4×2 – rigid chassis and four-cylinder engine

22 July 2021 | Bez kategorii, Good to know, MAN TGL

The MAN TGL series is a proposal for light and medium-light trucks, which man started production in 2005. Among them we can also find the MODEL MAN TGL 12.220 4×2,which we would like to spend some time and attention.

The MAN TGL 12.220 4×2 is a proposal for a tractor unit with a rigid chassis, which is powered by a four-cylinder engine of the D0834 series. Its power is 220 hp/162kW. This solution is the most powerful 4.6-liter engine. In addition, meeting the Euro 6 exhaust gas standard. MAN TGL 12.220 4×2 specifications and additional equipment make the model an interesting alternative to other light trucks of this type. Therefore, looking for durable solutions, you may be tempted to consider purchasing this model.

MAN TGL 12.220 4×2 cabin specifications and more

This model is available with two types of cabs: CC – compact, narrow medium height or DN – double. The first has external dimensions: 1620mm x 2240mm (length and width) and internal dimensions: 1550mm x 2070mm. The height of the engine tunnel is 260/140 mm. The cab has two seats (optional 3). For the second proposal, 6 seats are mentioned (optional 7). A well-equipped chauffeur and storage compartments provide enough space to store the necessary items of any professional driver. The impressive dashboard with black and white display allows you to easily read the indications of the clocks on it. Comfortable armchairs with armrests and daybeds make it possible to effectively relax and gain strength for the next kilometers.

Air-mechanical suspension – guarantees proper driving stability

With a fully tailored wheelbase of 3050mm MAN TGL and mechanical-pneumatic cab suspension, this car is well-wheeled on the road. It is stable, thus ensuring a comfortable ride for its user. The front axle is equipped with parabolic springs and the rear axle is equipped with airbags, and tilt stabilizers are also installed. It is this solution that makes driving this truck feel that it is holding up well on the road, bravely abolishing the unevenness of the pavement especially on our Polish roads. With the TipMatic automated transmission, driving becomes much more economical and economical. That is why we believe that the car is worthy of the attention of every professional driver.

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