MAN TGL 12.250 specs – learn the details of an unusual truck model

22 July 2021 | Bez kategorii, Good to know, MAN TGL

A wide range of trucks nowadays, on the one hand, can be an option, on the other hand, it can cause a problem with choosing the right model. Therefore, we would like to bring you one of the proposals. We are talking about the MAN TGL 12.250 truck. It is an offer belonging to the range of a renowned manufacturer – the MAN brand. The maximum permissible total weight of this model is 11990 kg.

This MAN truck with air suspension and springs on the front is able to overcome even bumpy surfaces flawlessly. He successfully manages to reduce possible feelings of inequality on the road. This model is equipped with an abs anti-lock braking system, an ASR traction control system and an electronic ESP track stabilization system. All this further accentuates the exceptionally high driving comfort. These systems ensure an adequate level of safety while assisting the driver’ work. The eight-speed manual transmission offers great driving possibilities, especially for seasoned professional drivers. In addition, an automatic transmission version is also available on the market. Check the MAN TGL 12.250 technical data and decide if the parameters proposed by the manufacturer will be suitable for you.

Equipment that improves driving comfort

The 250 kM engine under the hood allows you to easily and effortlessly climb the tractor unit with rigid chassis. The MAN TGL series is available in C or DN cab variants. They differ in dimensions. The first version is a smaller, compact proposal, designed for two, optionally three people. The second is a double cabin, with a larger dimension than the aforementioned predecessor, which houses as many as six, optionally seven seats. These cabs have storage compartments in addition to the ergonomic pneumatic driver’s seat. They are also equipped with a radio and a clear dashboard made of high-quality materials. In addition, the manufacturer, wanting to make the work even easier for professional drivers, equipped this model with helpful cruise control and a tachograph.

A great convenience of this truck are certainly electrically controlled side windows, as well as electrically controlled and heated mirrors, which are very good especially on winter days and evenings. But that’s not all. The MAN TGL 12.250 also features sunscreen, air conditioning, an on-board computer and a multifunction steering wheel.

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