MAN TGL 8.220 4×2 specifications – check what it can offer you

22 July 2021 | Bez kategorii, Good to know, MAN TGL

Looking for two-axle tractoruiers with a rigid chassis on the Polish market, we will find a fairly large overview of various models. Thanks to this, we can adapt them to your needs, among other things, in terms of engine power or cabin type.

Today we would like to pay attention to one of the truck proposals from the factory of a renowned manufacturer, the MAN brand – model TGL 8.220 4×2 with one-axle drive and wheelbase of 4500 mm. This quite large tractor unit has a total permissible weight of 7490 kg. Inside it is a powerful 4.6-litre four-cylinder engine. Thanks to the AdBlue tank, the manufacturer ensures the right level of exhaust emissions, thanks to which the whole meets the EURO 6 standards.

The MAN TGL with its four-cylinder engine and 4×2 drive system may be an interesting proposition to consider. So when considering buying the perfect truck for you, it is worth considering our proposal. Check the MAN TGL 8.220 4×2 specifications to see if it meets your expectations about the necessary equipment and parameters of the individual component systems.

MAN TGL 8.220 4×2 – which chauffeur do you choose?

The TGL series 8.220 series presented by us is available on the market with C/L/LX/Crew cabs. It can be equipped with both manual and automatic transmission. So, depending on individual tastes and needs, each professional driver can choose a model that will provide him with the right working comfort. Each cabin includes a radio and air conditioning. The multifunctional power steering wheel, cruise control and tachograph further emphasize the emphasis placed on ensuring the safe use of this truck. The whole is complemented by electric windows, which certainly increase the standard presented by us MANA.

Air suspension – an efficient yet cost-effective solution

Thanks to the adjustable air suspension, the driver is able to lower or lift the cab in the desired compartment according to the needs, so as to easily overcome the obstacles encountered on the road. The ASR traction control system, as well as the stability of the ESP and ABS track, make this truck very good on different surfaces. So you don’t have to worry about the wheels slipping uncontrollably. All this makes the car safe and pleasant to use.

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