Mercedes-Benz Atego 1324 K 4×2 specs – a car worth your attention?

22 July 2021 | Bez kategorii, Good to know, Mercedes Atego

Looking for a robust solution in the field of rigid chassis tractoruities, you may come across some sensible proposals available on our market. This includes the Mercedes-Benz car. The Atego 1324 K 4×2 with single axle is an impressive vehicle with a tipper chassis with a gross weight of 13.5 tonnes.

The suspension, both front and rear, with steel, parabolic and standard frame springs, makes the car stable. Even on our roads. The advantage is that its operation is not among the most expensive. The 175kW six-cylinder internal combustion engine under the hood and the 28 V/100A alternator are ideal for demanding journeys. The propulsion system is equipped with a speed limiter of up to 90 km/h and noise encapsulation according to ECE. In addition, the Atego 1324 K 4×2 has a manual transmission, steering with ZF 8095 control, a single PTO and a PTO MB. And for all this is characterized by the transmission G 90-6/6.70-0.73. Certainly, mercedes-benz Atego 1324 K 4×2 specifications make the car noteworthy.

A plastic fuel tank with a capacity of 120 liters was used as a tank, along with AdBlock with a capacity of 25 liters. All this ensures that the car meets the emission requirements at EURO VI level. This makes it an extremely eco-friendly solution. And it is true that drivers are increasingly attaching importance to this. Especially in this day and age, when awareness of environmental pollution is quite high.

Additional equipment to raise the standard of driving

ClassicSpace’s compact S-cab with a 180 cm long rear wall draws attention to its spacious interior and slim silhouette. Its external dimensions are 2295 mm x 1830 mm and internal dimensions are 2000 mm x 1510 mm. Thanks to the appropriate design and equipment, the cab ensures the right working comfort. In addition, the interior with a classic cockpit has a high quality finish, and additional accessories such as cruise control and tachograph ensure safe work for each user. The comfortable, cushioned driver’s seat provides high comfort even when driving on uneven surfaces. The model also has a splash guard as well as an ECE-inddiddable suspension cover.

Our Mercedes-Benz Atego 1324 K 4×2 truck is one of the most interesting proposals available on our market. Especially in terms of strength and productivity.

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