Mercedes-Benz Axor 1828 specs – check if it meets your expectations

22 July 2021 | Bez kategorii, Good to know, Mercedes Axor

Mercedes-Benz is a company that started as early as the 1980s. In 1883 Karl Benz decided to start his brand. He used his knowledge, experience and rose to the heights of his creativity. So he led her to effective development. In the offer of this car tycoon you can find among other proposals of high-quality trucks. In this series, the Axor is the perfect combination of the chassis of a larger Actros and cabs borrowed from a smaller Atego. Depending on the needs of the Mercedes Axor 1828, the specifications say that it is available with four cabs to choose from. Two daily and two long-distance. Depending on the type of cab, there are one or two beds on the equipment, so that it is possible to adjust the functional space to the needs of the professional driver. Despite this, these chauffeurs are considered quite un spacious, which means that they are not judged too flatteringly. On the other hand, the appropriate quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the dashboard, as well as clocks and other components there of it, makes the car an interesting proposition. Although not very ergonomic desktop shape.

In the Mercedes-Benz Axor 1828 we can find technical data, among other things, information about the type of engine. In this case, we are dealing with a 12-liter, six-cylinder in-line engine with a power of 209 kM. This relatively small tractor unit is equipped with a manual transmission. However, on the market you can also meet models with this fully automatic. In addition, they are both 6-speed and 9-stage transmissions, which were taken over from the aforementioned Mercedes Atego. These are durable components that are fault-to-crash. Users of this model cannot complain. The permissible total weight of this Mercedes production giant is 18 tonnes.

A relatively eco-friendly model with low-cost operation

Mercedes Axor is able to meet the EURO III emission standard thanks to the equipment used. The suspension and frame are described as quite robust and not very emergency. Compared to them, the brakes unfortunately perform slightly worse. However, it is worth being aware that easy access to cheap spare parts compensates for possible failures of this car.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying a truck and are looking around it is worth considering our proposal. Check that the Mercedes-Benz Axor 1828 meets your power, equipment and suspension requirements. This has a huge impact on comfort and safety at work.

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